Standing Aids

Arjo Sara Stedy

Sara Stedy, a stand aid that provides mobility-promoting support and encourages more mobile patients and residents to stand up independently.

Prices start from £868

Oxford Ascend

With an excellent range of movement, the Oxford Ascend can transfer a patient from a low-seated position to fully standing with ease. Its active style is designed to encourage user participation, promoting independence.

Prices start from £1,484.45

Oxford Journey

Ultra-compact, portable folding stand aid with best-in-class functionality. Its unique adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a wider range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many.

Prices start from £1,064

Oxford Up

Manual stand-aid and seated transfer device, suitable for those who require assistance when standing but are able to contribute notable effort to the process. By encouraging user participation, the Up can play a fundamental role in patient rehabilitation and maintaining functional independence.

Product not available until 2022

Liko Sabina II

Differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Its cleverly engineered accessories provide unique application opportunities. The Sabina II lift meets the needs of a wide range of patients by offering the ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the individual patient.

Prices start from £2,367.34

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