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At Caretech UK Ltd we supply a wide range of slings to meet your varied lifting needs:

> Oxford Sling Guide
> Invacare Sling Range
> Liko Sling Range

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please get in touch as further slings are available upon request to meet your individual needs.

Sling Training and Demonstration Videos

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Chair to bed transfer video

Floor to bed transfer video

Oxford Comfort Disposable Sling Securi3 Clip Attachment Video

Oxford Transport Sling Overview

Wheelchair to Bath Transfer Video

Chair to chair transfer video

Floor to chair transfer video

Oxford Quickfit Deluxe Disposable Sling Loop Attachment Video

Oxford Standing Sling Overview

Chair to toilet transfer video

Oxford Full Back Disposable Sling Loop Attachment Video

Oxford Quickfit Sling Overview

Wheelchair to Toilet Transfer Video

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