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Oxford Advance

The Oxford Advance folding mobile patient lift is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. Suited to homecare and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available.

Prices start from £1,148

2 Year Warranty

Oxford Mini 140

The Oxford Mini 140 has been developed especially with the homecare environment in mind. This compact but durable lift offers superb manoeuvrability in settings where spaces comes at a premium.

Prices start from £740.54

2 Year Warranty

Oxford Midi 180

Offering surprising performance for a hoist of its size. The perfect solution for both community and nursing environments, the Midi is sympathetic to the space constraints it may encounter.

Prices start from £692.16

2 Year Warranty

Liko Viking M

The Viking M mobile lift is ideal for meeting the more challenging patient handling demands, yet remains easy to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces. Despite its low weight, this durable aluminum lift has a lifting capacity of 205 kg.

Prices start from £2,017.59

2 Year Warranty

Liko Viking L

Viking™ L is an incredibly smooth and strong lift. With a lifting capacity of 250 kg (550 lb), Viking L is ideal for all the most common lifting needs as well as for heavier patients.

Prices start from £3,879.03

2 Year Warranty

Liko Viking XL

The Viking® XL mobile lift offers a smooth lift for the most common lifting needs, especially designed for bariatric patients weighing up to 660 lbs.

Prices start from £7,235.32

2 Year Warranty

Oxford Presence

The Oxford® Presence is a heavy-duty mobile patient lift, competent enough to
handle almost any patient-handling task. Its incredible lifting range ensures it can
cope easily with the most critical of transfers from the floor to high level surfaces.

Prices start from £1,766.02

2 Year Warranty

Liko Golvo

The Golvo 9000 lift offers the functional advantages of an overhead lift with the flexibility of a mobile lift. In combination with the extensive range of Liko accessories, Golvo is ideal for common lifting situations across a variety of care environments.

Prices start from £5,129.30

2 Year Warranty

Oxford Major 200

The Oxford Major is the perfect cross over product for both nursing and acute care environments. Its high lifting capacity and lightweight design allow the Major to work well in almost all settings.

Prices start from £1,034.88

2 Year Warranty

Invacare Birdie Evo Patient Lifter

The Invacare Birdie EVO and Birdie EVO Compact are specially designed to offer a comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs, or even the floor. Ideal for use in domestic and residential care environments, the hoists are designed to fold and unfold easily without the need for tools.

Prices start from £590

2 Year Warranty

Oxford Stature

The Oxford Stature is a vertical lift, recognising the true needs of the modern care environment. With an extensive lift range, it easily copes with some of the most demanding tasks. Careful attention to product design ensures correct ergonomic usage, protecting both the patient and caregiver from injury.

Prices start from £2,856.36

2 Year Warranty

Mobile Hoist Product Demonstration & Training Videos

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Chair to bed transfer video

Floor to bed transfer video

Oxford Advance Professional Lift Overview

Oxford Smart Monitor Introduction Video

Chair to chair transfer video

Floor to chair transfer video

Oxford Presence Professional Lift Overview

Oxford Midi Training Video

Wheelchair to Toilet Transfer Video

Wheelchair to Bath Transfer Video

Oxford Classic Lifts Overview

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