Thru Floor Lifts

A Stiltz Homelift is unique. It has a lift car which runs on 2 discreet vertical rails meaning it is free-standing so tucks up against the wall, into a corner or can be positioned in the turn of the stairs – space permitting. Another feature not found on any other homelift is the ThruCar option; this enables users to enter and exit from opposite sides of the car. Perfect for those reliant on a wheelchair.

Stiltz has a model suitable for everyone. The homelifts are available in the 2-person Duo Homelift and the 3-person or wheelchair user, Trio Homelift. Both ranges come in the entry-level Classic, the airy clear-sided Vista and the elegantly-designed, curvy ‘Plus” variants.

All Stiltz Homelifts are compact, quiet and plug into a standard domestic socket; surprisingly, they use less energy than boiling a kettle!

Stiltz Duo Range of Homelifts

Duo Homelifts are standing or perching lifts which can accommodate up to 2 persons. They have a remarkably small footprint of just over half a metre square – comparable in size to a small armchair. Duo are designed for those who are still very much mobile but might need that little extra help to get up and down the stairs.

Stiltz Trio Range of Homelifts

Trio Homelifts have a greater load capacity and are specifically designed for use with a wheelchair or for up to 3 standing persons. The lift is larger than the Duo, but still compact enough to fit into almost any home. It is ideal for anyone who is either reliant on a wheelchair, or who needs to move around their home with a walking frame.

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