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Sales, Service, Maintenance & Repair – Beds, Hoists, Plinths, Baths, Stair / Thru Floor Lifts and Wheelchairs.

From Preventative Maintenance Contracts through to the supply of Assistive Technology Equipment for use in the Community, Residential Care and Hospitals. As NHS Supply Chain approved partners Caretech UK Ltd have the credentials, financial prowess and ability to carry out works of any size. working efficiently, professionally and economically.  

Being NHS approved means you can order through Supply Chain without the need to tender. You can, of course, still come direct to us through your normal purchasing supply route. 

Through our integrated services we offer a total solution from parts and product supply to complete design, build, installation, commissioning and maintenance. 

Why Caretech – As an Independent we have no ties to any one manufacturer allowing us to advise you of the most appropriate and robust equipment for your needs and from proven reliable manufacturers. 30 years maintenance in the sector gives Caretech the knowledge of which products will give you the most use whilst being a reasonable cost to maintain.  

Furthermore, we achieve growth by referrals from our satisfied customers and so eliminate the need for expensive advertising campaigns.  Our overheads and costs are subsequently lower than many of our competitors allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers. 

On Demand

Breakdowns, installs, removals, LOLER Inspections and Servicing. 

Most of our work is with contracted maintenance projects. However, we know that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t suit everyone. 

Thanks to our flexibility and the application of up-to-the-minute technology, we can work with customers that require an ‘on-demand’ bespoke service. 

Contracted Maintenance

Breakdowns, installs, removals, LOLER Inspections and Servicing.

As Stated, the preferred method of servicing and maintenance from both our perspective and that of the end user is clearly the contracted maintenance method where set KPIs can be agreed and reported on. These are charged at NHSSC Framework contract rates. 

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